April 24, 2019

Are you starving?


No sex drive?

Mood swings?

Calorie restricting, under eating and over exercising has left women exhausted,

malnourished and depressed. The mixed messages that we are getting from the media about how we should eat, how we should exercise, what we need to look like and how we should be pushing ourselves to do more is destroying our hormone balance. We have created an environment for ourselves where we are stuck in a cycle of sleep deprivation, calorie restriction, sugar cravings, low sex drives and unhealthy body images. It’s time to take back your health and your life. 

Let’s start with breakfast, do you tend to grab a bite or two of whatever your kids are eating? Or are you a coffee and no food until lunch kinda gal? Maybe you’re still eating cereal and milk or no brekkie at all?

Breakfast is an important meal especially for blood sugar balancing which is directly connected to hormone balancing. It’s so important to start the day full and satisfied. Well, how do w...

February 20, 2019

I started taking a hormonal birth control pill at 16 years old. My mom found out that I was sexually active and she demanded that we go to Planned Parenthood. Not knowing any better I went with it, after all mother knows best, right? I stayed on the same pill for 4 years, but with my hectic schedule in college I kept forgetting to take it, so the campus doctor suggested the Nuvaring. I started using it, but kept getting UTIs. So then I was prescribed the patch, but that kept falling off before it was supposed to and I was switched back to the pill again, this time it was Yaz. Within the first month on Yaz, I lost weight (even though I was at a healthy weight to start) and my breasts went up a cup size, which I thought was great being a single 20 year old with an athletic frame. Then the next month my hair started to fall out, and what felt like overnight my personality started to change.

I went from an overall social, happy person to riding an emotional roller coaster, I felt depressed...

August 6, 2018

Got PMS? Painful cramps or menstrual migraines? I am here to help!

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Happier & Healthier Periods 101

September 20, 2018

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