April 23, 2017

Allergies are a very common medical condition for children and adults and they struggle with symptoms like congestion, coughing, eczema, psoriasis and digestive issues. More times than not, this is the result of a weakened immune system, in addition to dietary choices. One of the most common allergies for children is dairy. As all mammals, when cows are pregnant they produce milk for their babies to nourish them until they can eat grass. The hormones in cow’s milk are meant to help a baby calf grow to be over 600 pounds. The composition of cow’s milk is much different than that of human milk. No other mammal on the planet consumes another mammal’s milk, it is not natural. Therefore, when humans consume cow’s milk they tend to produce more mucus and have more inflammation which suppresses the immune system and causes reoccurring allergy flare ups.

My top 5 ways to get allergies under control are:

#1 Eliminate ALL dairy products from your diet

#2 Use a neti pot daily to rinse your sinuses


April 12, 2017

Sometimes we can splurge and other times money is tight. For those of us who thrive on organic whole foods this can be a challenge. But trust me, there is a way to eat well and still stick to your budget. Stores are always offering promotions on a variety of foods, they advertise their big sales in their flyers which most people drop directly in the trash. Take 10-15 minutes before your shopping adventure to see what’s on sale compared to what is on your grocery list. In order to keep your diet vibrant and full of variety, only buy fruits and vegetables that are on sale. This way you save money and are getting different nutrients and colors into your diet without putting much thought into it.

  1. Make a list and stick to it

  2. Shop around and compare prices & cut coupons

  3. Shop for bulk items, especially those that can be frozen or have a long shelf life like oats

  4. Understand the Clean 15 vs. the Dirty Dozen

  5. Increase your vegetable, fruit and whole grain intake, these item...

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