February 20, 2019

I started taking a hormonal birth control pill at 16 years old. My mom found out that I was sexually active and she demanded that we go to Planned Parenthood. Not knowing any better I went with it, after all mother knows best, right? I stayed on the same pill for 4 years, but with my hectic schedule in college I kept forgetting to take it, so the campus doctor suggested the Nuvaring. I started using it, but kept getting UTIs. So then I was prescribed the patch, but that kept falling off before it was supposed to and I was switched back to the pill again, this time it was Yaz. Within the first month on Yaz, I lost weight (even though I was at a healthy weight to start) and my breasts went up a cup size, which I thought was great being a single 20 year old with an athletic frame. Then the next month my hair started to fall out, and what felt like overnight my personality started to change.

I went from an overall social, happy person to riding an emotional roller coaster, I felt depressed...

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September 20, 2018

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