March 3, 2017

Sleep is essential for every mammal on the Earth. When we sleep our bodies are healing themselves from all the demands that were put on it throughout the day, this should be sacred time that we prioritize to make sure that we can function as efficiently as possible. We are constantly stimulated all day every day, consciously and unconsciously by our phones, LED lights, TV, computers and electromagnetic waves from outlets, power lines and microwaves. This constant stimulation has caused sleep issues for over half the world’s population. Circadian rhythms are how are body naturally puts us to sleep and wakes us up according the patterns of the sun. Varied work schedules, homework, kids and social activities have thrown us out of rhythm causing fatigue, headaches, higher stress levels and exacerbating depression and anxiety. Health should be a priority for everyone and a foundation for good health and vitality starts with a good night sleep. Good sleep starts with having a sleep routine.

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Please Note: I am not a medical doctor, dietitian or nutritionist. Information provided is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.

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