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When I came to Courtney I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the way my body was working and specifically with my PCOS. I went to multiple doctors over the last couple of years, putting me on hormones, medication and birth control to try and regulate my hormone imbalance. It only got worse, and I knew the only thing I hadn’t tried was healing my hormones through diet. Within a week of working with Courtney, I knew I was in the right hands. She helped me take baby steps in my diet and mental health so that I never felt overwhelmed. Within weeks all my bloating and inflammation was gone, and my periods got much less painful. She helped me take the leap to give up dairy and understand my hypoglycemia, and I can’t tell you what a difference that has made. My skin has cleared up, I never feel heavy from food and I no longer have food/sugar crashes (and my sugar cravings are close to none!). Without Courtney I would have never been able to feel as educated and strong going forward. It is truly a lifestyle, and Courtney makes it SO easy for you to make loving and helping your body a habit! I am forever grateful to her for her support and for helping me to finally KNOW my body!



Karan Parkin,

Exercise Physiologist

Courtney's  got a way with people that is rare... she cares, she never gives up on you, she's motivating, and extremely knowledgeable and competent. It was hard for me at first, but I had cancer, and I knew I couldn't do this myself. She made it easy for me to "let go" of that, and then proceeded to kick my butt into shape - safely. By the end of the program, with my constant cheerleader, I achieved things I never thought I would do again. Having Courtney as your trainer and nutritional expert is a no-brainer. Let her help you and all you have to do is show up and follow her lead."



C. Pachorek


After working with Courtney, she has made me realize that your food can affect your mood depending on what you take in. She is very thorough in finding out what would be best for you and your body. She gave me great suggestions of what to buy at the market and how to focus on the wellness of the entire body. It was great working with her.

Marilou Ritter, Consultant

Working with Courtney was an incredible discovery for me!  I became aware on how my body reacted to certain foods.  This was very important to me, because then I can choose the correct foods that would benefit my body.
Courtney's enthusiasm is a testament to her commitment to helping others make healthier lifestyle changes.  She is creative in presenting her lessons and program.  She makes it fun and easy, and makes her lessons meaningful and applicable in my daily life.

I highly recommend Courtney's services since she is dedicated and committed to helping others create optimal health.

Courtney is positive, dedicated and motivated. Not an easy job with a bunch of cranky cancer survivors. I found my experience to be exceptional. I worked hard at the program and by the time I finished my fatigue was gone. I am thankful and grateful to Courtney for walking this path with me. Not only is she an excellent trainer but she also educated the group on nutrition. I would recommend highly Courtney for all training and nutritional services.

Cathy Bozak

Certified Health Coach

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