My Favorite Products

These are some products that I like and have used on my wellness journey.


Insight timer app- Meditation music, I love to put this on before I go to bed, calms me down and lulls me to sleep 

Eye mask- to block out all light and get you in sync with your Circadian Rhythm, this mask comes with ear plugs

Ear plugs- if you are a light sleeper I recommend using ear plugs to enhance the quality of your sleep 


Big Berkey- I highly recommend this water filter system to get all the toxins like chlorine and fluoride out of your tap water.

Life Straw- Great tool if you spend a lot of time outdoors like I do, this straw can filter any type of water and make it safe for consumption 

Water check- A great resource to see what is in your tap water. 


Vital Choice- Quality seafood products and fish oil

Farm Fresh to you- Organic farm produce delivered right to your door step!

Imperfect Produce-  Imperfect fruits and vegetables available at 30-50% off!

Cultures for Health - Information on fermentation including starter kits for kombucha, kefir, water and yogurt. New to the game? Contact them they have great resources. 


Pyrex glass containers- Plastic Tupperware is terrible for the environment and for your hormones.  Switch out plastic for glass or ceramic. 

Stainless Steel Straws- Plastic straws are destroying our oceans and over 5 million are used everyday. Ditch one time use plastic and grab these for your home or car. 

Cleaning Supplies and Soap - Detoxify your cleaning products, harsh chemicals are not needed to keep your home so fresh and so clean!

DIY Cleaners- Better yet make your own cleaners


Gabriel & Zuzu Luxe - Mineral makeup that is cruelty and gluten free 

Deodorant - Any kind that work for you that is natural and aluminum free!

Toothpaste- Too much fluoride is not a good thing, I prefer fluoride free toothpaste.

The DIVA Cup- Reusable menstrual cup