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Meet Courtney


Welcome, My Mission is to get more women,

Tuned in & Turned on...

I created this wonderful space just for you, together we will embark on a journey towards your most sensual, seductive self. 


I have been where you are burnt out, frustrated, painful periods, disconnected from my body and my pleasure. I am here for you, to teach you how to tune into your monthly cycle, turn yourself on and become the best version of yourself. 

Let's tap into your magical monthly cycle and start dancing with life....

Natural Beauty
Menstruation Makeover


Have PMS, PCOS, PMDD or want to get off hormonal birth control? 

Do you feel fatigued, have digestive issues or poor sleep?

Gut health and inflammation play a big part in weight loss and hormone balance. If you are struggling with any of these symptoms, let's talk! I would love to help you. 

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