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Client Love

Client Love 

Isabelle, Singer 30y/o F

When I came to Courtney I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the way my body was working and specifically with my PCOS. I went to multiple doctors over the last couple of years, putting me on hormones, medication and birth control to try and regulate my hormone imbalance. It only got worse, and I knew the only thing I hadn’t tried was healing my hormones through diet. Within a week of working with Courtney, I knew I was in the right hands. She helped me take baby steps in my diet and mental health so that I never felt overwhelmed. Within weeks all my bloating and inflammation was gone, and my periods got much less painful. My skin has cleared up, I never feel heavy from food and I no longer have food/sugar crashes (and my sugar cravings are close to none!). Without Courtney I would have never been able to feel as educated and strong going forward. It is truly a lifestyle, and Courtney makes it SO easy for you to make loving and helping your body a habit! I am forever grateful to her for her support and for helping me to finally KNOW my body!

R. Pittman 38 y/o F

“I was referred to Courtney by my trusted primary health care physician.  I found that my doctor’s glowing review of her expertise wasn’t fully captured in my experiences working with her these past few months; they were exceeded. Courtney is an exceptional nutritional practitioner who weaves in all of the complexities of well-grounded, research-based nutrition into a balanced health plan. This plan includes not only consciously thinking about and changing the foods we consume, but also developing the mindset needed for success. Courtney has served as my guide, navigating me away from nutritional fads and ineffective diets that bombard us all. She is easy to get a hold of, a pleasure to speak to, and someone who is gifted in the ability to identify the best modality of improving the lives of others. Her guidance has been a two-fold combination of nutrition and life coaching.  I am grateful that Courtney has empowered me to stay motivated as I do the heavy-lifting of improving my wellbeing.”

C. Corbett 26 y/o F

I came to Courtney initially to receive advice on how to lose weight. As someone who was once active and knowledgeable of what made me “healthy,” I wanted accountability to once again attain the attribute I believed mattered most—being thin. I was surprised when Courtney wanted to discuss some of my personal outside stressors surrounding the loss of a loved one, the pandemic, and my career, as I did not understand how those conversations would help me fit back into my favorite clothes. I was frustrated that I did not receive what I “wanted”—a brutalizing workout plan, a restrictive diet, and a goal weight by a goal date.

Instead was encouraged to delve deeper into topics that I wanted to repress or felt protective over. Regardless of how many times I pride fully attempted to sidestep questions or prevent Courtney from seeing the cracks in the foundation, she would not give up. Courtney gently led me to see that my core desire was not to lose weight, but to feel whole and worthy. Through honest conversations, emotionally raw journaling prompts, and a call to treat my body as the worthy vessel it inherently is by eating food with real ingredients and movement, I now feel more whole and worthy than I did when I was at my physical peak. 

I did not know what I bargained for when I decided to meet with Courtney, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. Physically, I have lost weight, become stronger, and experience much less discomfort during my menstrual cycle, which I suffered from for years. Mentally, I no longer feel anxious due to removing stressors in my life that Courtney helped me identify. I do not need medication anymore to manage my anxiety or to help me sleep! Emotionally, I have made peace with traumas I attempted to suppress, increasing my capacity to fall in love with myself and better love those around me.

Courtney is a life-changer when allowed to be. As soon as I stopped resisting her methods and set aside my pride, I immediately began reaping the benefits of her wisdom. When I look back on my journey with Courtney thus far, it all seems so simple, but only because Courtney made growth seem inviting instead of daunting. I would recommend Courtney’s services to anyone, regardless of their current physical, mental, or emotional state. She makes the hard stuff much easier—who couldn’t use easier?    

J. Kim, 48y/o F

“After only two meetings with Courtney Titus, I'm not having symptoms once removing the foods I’m allergic to and enacting MINDFUL CHEWING. The mindful chewing has been incredible. I eat less food and I have realized I don't even need that much food -- I definitely was overeating. I'm eating more fruit and more colorful plates. I even started cooking. I have lost about nine pounds as well because of my diet changes and regular exercise. All this happened because of Courtney’s counseling and support. Courtney is knowledgeable, caring, and welcoming. She explained things incredibly well by drawing pictures and through her expert explanations. She gave me hope and with just a few sayings changed my mindset. I’m so glad my doctor suggested I see Courtney. She provides a vital service to his patients by teaching how to manage their diets and prevent symptoms. 

Thank you, Courtney! You totally turned me around in a short time. I found you so knowledgeable. Thank you.”

D. Angel 36 y/o M

"Working with Courtney was a very eye opening experience. She helped me come up with a reasonable, achievable plan to better health. I was educated on different food options and was also shown how to find more for myself. I came to her mostly vegetarian, but that diet was not serving my body well. Overtime, we added in some healthy animal protein and eliminated processed carbs. I have not felt deprived through the process at all. I’m down 26+ lbs in 13 weeks and I am on target to hit my goal of 175lbs by July.. My mood is better, I have more energy and more importantly for me my digestive system is functioning much better, which is great for someone with deals with diverticulitis and GERD. I have less pain and I am having regular bowel movements. Courtney taught me that consistent small changes make a big difference, you don’t deprive yourself, just have less of what’s bad for you. She also taught me that a diet that works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. I would highly recommend Courtney as a health coach and I have referred several people to her! Let’s see if any of them actually take the leap and get on the track to better health."

M. Abraham 34 y/o F

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and have had a largely successful remission with occasional flare ups. I’ve tried to reduce the potential for flare ups by maintaining a healthy weight and keeping a balanced diet. The last couple of years, I let stress and anxiety get the better of me and lost control of my eating habits. To top it off, a foot injury, and then the pandemic months later, kept me extremely sedentary, which only compounded my weight gain and GI issues. When my GI office recommended Courtney, I was all in. What could I lose?

Courtney has a well-rounded understanding of food, nutrition and wellness. She takes account medical needs and meets you where you are at in your health journey. She will be there at every step regardless of how long it takes to meet your goals. It took time before the advice she gave started to click, and after six months I lost about 18 pounds and feel motivated to keep up the healthy habits that Courtney helped me build. Not only does Courtney help with exercise and diet recommendations, she also helps identify any mental roadblocks that you may have. I highly recommend Courtney Titus as a a health coach!

K. Martin 27 y/o F

“Courtney taught me how to not only deal with my diet and taking care of myself physically, but also mentally. She helped me with my terrible anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc with the best natural remedies and advice. I have also lost over 20lbs with the personalized diet that she has arranged for me and that has helped me get rid of my fatty liver. She puts so much effort, empathy and compassion into her work and it truly shows. Very grateful I found someone that I can trust with my physical and mental health.”

K. Barba 27 y/o F

Courtney instilled positivity and hope that I would recover. She always cheered me on every step of the way. It was all due to her knowledgeable suggestions through articles, natural supplements, and food options that eliminated my gastro issues. I was very limited with my food options and very underweight but with time she helped me eat a variety of foods along with meeting my weight goal which was to gain 20 pounds; as this was accomplished in 6 months. She is the reason I transformed my malnourished body and I am extremely grateful for all the hard work Courtney dedicated into my recovery!   

C. Jackson 61 y/o F

“Due to a health scare with a blood clot a few months ago I was advised by my doctor to lose some weight.  Courtney has been great with all the excellent coaching support & education.  She helped me to become smarter with my food choices, implement better-eating habits and have better portion control.  

At 61, I feel great and healthier. Since starting the low carb no sugar diet four months ago I have lost 40 lbs. I feel great, have more energy and I love the way I look in my skinny jeans.  I also love and appreciate all the great comments I get on how I look.

I do believe this lifestyle change is sustainable and can be accomplished as long as I stay consistent in continuing to make healthy food choices. I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about making changes for a better healthier lifestyle to see Courtney who is friendly and will guide you with excellent support.”

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