My Story

I am a board certified health coach + motivator + mentor + nature lover + exercise enthusiast + animal lover + explorer + sunset chaser & dancing queen.


I also love to empower young women to live their truth, have happier hormones and love themselves unconditionally. I was raised on the East Coast and camped across America ending up here in Los Angeles, CA.  Being in nature is my happy place whether it's the mountains, the ocean or the desert, in nature is where I feel the most balanced and at peace. 

How did I get here?

I remember starting my first diet in junior high school, because I wanted to have a flatter stomach in my cheerleading uniform. I ate peanut butter crackers for lunch or just mashed potatoes because they were lower in calories than anything else on the school lunch menu. I would wait until I was starving to eat and even then try to just live on a large Dunkin Donuts Iced coffee and diet coke.

High school is when I started comparing my body to my friends bodies and was embarrassed to wear a two piece bathing suit because I was flat chested and had one roll when I sat down. I became obsessed working out and had to go to the gym everyday or go for a run, and if I didn't I would scold myself. I even went to the extreme of taking diet pills from GNC and they made me throw up.

After high school, college life and all that it entails took a toll on me mentally and physically. Lack of sleep, too much alcohol, unlimited food in the cafeteria, looking for "love" in all the wrong places and bad relationships helped me to put on 25 lbs. This was the first time in my life that I was overweight and depressed. I was not happy with who I had become and hated where I was living. I transferred to my dream school and started to feel like myself again, I would run everyday as my stress relief and started to make healthier choices. My weight was finally normal, and I started birth control. UGH! For an already emotional person this was HELL , due to various side effects I tried 7 different kinds during my junior year. One in particular made me lose weight and my boobs were huge... SCORE! Not so much, I was on an emotional roller coaster, pretty depressed and my hair started falling out! This cannot be normal, on top of that I was going to school full time, working full time and a full time party animal on the weekends. Fast forward to after college...

After working for two years working in a corporate environment, I decided to quit and to book my dream trip to backpack Europe. Europe opened my eyes to a whole new world; smaller plates, daily trips to the market, and no fast food in sight, it was glorious! I returned knowing that I wanted to bring this way of life to those I care about most.  I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition a year later, started working for the YMCA as the Director of the Health & Wellness. I began to have a healthier relationship with food and a more loving relationship with my body. 

Over the past 5 years I have been happy, at healthy weight and have a healthy body image, but when I hit 27 my periods got to be unbearable, I mean on the floor, screaming in pain day 1 and 2, heavy bleeding, moods all over the place and I was on a low fat vegan diet, I thought I was doing it right. But could not figure out why my period was so painful, and I hated it! After doing my own research and learning more about the phases of my period and following several experts, I have found my balance, a loving relationship with my cycle and my body. 

                                                                                                       My Goal is...

                                                                              To help you create the BEST version of yourself,

                                                                              increase happiness and improve overall health.



Here is me now and me at 21. I am now a happier, healthier

more confident woman and I can help you achieve your

wellness goals whatever they may be.  


Rutgers University B.A.                                    Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Sociology and Psychology                                        Certified Health Coach