My Story

I am a board certified health coach + motivator + mentor + nature lover + exercise enthusiast + animal lover + explorer + sunset chaser & dancing queen.

I started my coaching career after a backpacking trip through Europe I noticed how different there food system was and everything was fresh, daily market visits for fresh produce and everyone walked everywhere. I started work at the YMCA and worked my way up to becoming the Health & Wellness Director. I was immersed in all things fitness and started my health coaching certification, upon graduating I took a cross country road trip to California. Here I coached for The Whole Food's Market Medical and Wellness center, the largest gastroenterology practice in California and studied women's hormones and functional medicine. After a very traumatic break up, I dove into my own healing journey and through that stumbled upon women's intimacy coaching. I found myself again, my voice, a loving relationship with my body and began to love myself on a very deep level. With all my experience and expertise I am now focus on combining all of these healing modalities to empower women to live their truth, have happier hormones and love themselves unconditionally.  



Here is me now and me at 21. I am now a happier, healthier

more confident woman and I can help you achieve your

wellness goals whatever they may be.  


Rutgers University B.A.                                    Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Sociology and Psychology                                        Certified Health Coach