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Corporate Wellness


What’s your gut got to do with it? Do you struggle with digestive issues like bloating, gas, belching, heart burn or constipation? Over 70 million people in the US have been diagnosed with a digestive disease and when these common symptoms go undetected they can lead to more harmful diseases like leaky gut, hormone imbalance, IBS and several different autoimmune diseases. Gut health is so important that the gut is referred to as the second brain. Come find out why in this comprehensive workshop and learn how to start repairing your gut for overall better health.


Breakup with Sugar – The average American eats 150lbs. of sugar per year! Do you constantly crave sugar? Learn about natural versus processed sugar, tracking how much sugar you’re eating, learn what foods to incorporate to curb sugar cravings and avoid energy crashes.


Eating for Energy- Why am I so tired? Are you tired even after a good night sleep? Do you have an energy dip around 3pm?

Is coffee saving you from falling asleep at your desk? Learn about reasons why you could be feeling fatigued, what foods to help boost your energy and what will keep you feeling good all throughout the day (hint, hint it’s not coffee).


Detoxify Your Environment – Do you know what harmful chemicals are lurking in your home? Do you know how these chemicals can effect your health, especially your hormones? Cleaning up your environment can do wonders for your health! Learn how to detoxify your home, about the harsh cleaning chemicals you are using and how they are effecting your health and what to use instead.


Are you inflamed? -  Let’s put out that internal fire! You will learn about types of inflammation, how to tell if you’re chronically inflamed, where to start addressing the problem and how to eat better to reduce or eliminate symptoms.


Period Health 101- Do you hate that “time of the month”? Do you struggle with PMS? Are you curious about getting off hormonal birth control? Ladies, this is a revamped and unedited version of junior high health class. We will be talking all about periods and why you need to be in the know about what a healthy period looks like including phases, how to eat to help any PMS symptoms, how to exercise to enhance and not harm hormone function and why your period is being called the fifth vital sign. Balanced hormones mean more happiness, better health and more productivity. Say what?!?!

Masculine & Feminine Polarity- Understanding the dance between the masculine & feminine energy within you and in your relationships. Taking responsibility for the roles that you play, uncovering blocks and seeing things for how they really are versus the fantasy we create. 

All workshops are about an hour with Q&A time at the end. 

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