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Wisdom 2.0 Workshop

This past weekend I had the pleasure to connect with other entrepreneurs who share the same mindfulness practice that I have incorporated into daily routine. There were discussions around personal philosophies, mindfulness, focusing on passion not just profit, conversations around money and inspirational stories about successful entrepreneurs’ lowest lows and how they overcame them. I have never felt so present in my life and so connected to a group of complete strangers. We were all there to discover more about ourselves, but also to find a connection that we have not yet found in the City of Angels. I realized more than anything that I have been lacking that connection, a connection with people who are at different steps in the process but have been where I am personally and professionally. Even the speakers mentioned being “ hot messes” at any given time, their vulnerability while on stage really touched me, being so raw and honest is rare these days let alone, seeing it received in a positive manner.

I have been more vocal about wanting to learn more about mediation as well as resources as an up and coming entrepreneur. The Wisdom 2.0 workshop literally fell in my lap. This movement is very new to me and I wish I had found it sooner, but I now believe if I did I wouldn’t have seen its value the way I do now. Things won’t come to you until you are ready to receive them with open arms, trust in the universe and in the journey to find your way.

My Takeaways:

A daily meditation practice does wonders

Stay true to yourself no matter what

Passion will take you further than money

If you can’t find your community, create it

Have conversations with money, you never know if you are blocking yourself

We ended this spiritually high weekend with a dance party on the patio and I did not want to leave. It was the best workshop I had ever been to.

People who you should follow: Irene Au, Chip Conley, Mikki Willis, Malika Chopra

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